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Laman web ini diwujudkan untuk membantu masyarakat bagi mendapatkan maklumat mengenai pelan Takaful yang terbaik di Malaysia dan peluang menambah pendapatan melalui Perniagaan/Kerjaya Takaful.



Pelan Takaful adalah pelan yang memberi perlindungan disamping pelaburan yang diluluskan Syariah.

Antara manfaat-manfaat yang disediakan ialah:
Pilihan Kad Perubatan untuk 100% coverage
Pilihan Kad Perubatan untuk coverage jangkamasa pendek atau panjang
Pilihan Kad Perubatan untuk Tiada Limit Tahunan & Tiada Limit Seumur Hidup
Pilihan untuk menaikkan Limit Tahunan (minimum Tambahan 1 Juta)
Limit tambahan untuk penyakit Kanser, Serangan Jantung & Kerosakan Buah Pinggang
Limit tambahan untuk Organ Transplant
Pampasan jika berlaku kematian keatas perserta atau lumpuh sepenuhnya.
Pampasan jika peserta menghidap salah satu dari 43 penyakit kritikal
Perlindungan kemalangan di mana sejumlah pampasan akan diberikan jika berlaku kemalangan
Pampasan kematian kemalangan di mana pampasan 200% akan diberikan jika berlaku kematian kemalangan biasa, pampasan 300% akan diberikan jika berlaku kematian kemalangan di dalam kenderaan/bangunan awam dan pampasan 400% akan diberikan jika berlaku kematian kemalangan di luar negara
Pengecualian caruman atau caruman akan dibayar syarikat jika menghidap salah satu dari 43 penyakit kritikal atau lumpuh sepenuhnya
Pengecualian caruman atau caruman akan dibayar syarikat bagi polisi anak2 jika parent meninggal atau menghidap salah satu dari 43 penyakit kritikal atau lumpuh sepenuhnya
Elaun Rawatan untuk Chemotheraphy, Radiotheraphy, Kidney Dialysis & Heart-Attack Follow Up Care
Elaun Wad Hospital Kerajaan
Pelan Perlaburan & Persaraan
Pelan Khas Perlindungan Wanita
Pelan Khas Kanser (coverage dari peringkat awal)
Perlindungan Berganda dan Simpanan Umrah dan Haji
Mortgage Life (MLTT)
Replacement of Income
HIBAH Takaful
Pengecualian Cukai sehingga RM 10 ribu

Takaful Financial Consultant (Full Time, Part Time)

Imagine, having had an opportunity to craft your own life story, to write the way how your life would be and decide creatively to achieve what you want in life. 

Imagine having had a life where the sky is the limit.

Imagine a life with financial and time freedom, you are your own boss to decide what is best for you coupled with experience leader to coach and guide you along the way.

What you need is faith and work smart with great effort.

If this is you, we would like to invite you for an opportunity to realise your fullest potential.

A potential that is within you, that is yet to be unleashed.

Opportunity for

  • Fast track promotion and career progression
  • Unlimited potential income (6 years recurring commission)
  • Flexible working hours in a conducive, positive and high spirited bond.

Meet us to discuss for your new future NOW!


Takaful Financial Consultant (Full Time, Part Time) 

Muqmeen Group Rep. Prudential BSN Takaful  

MYR 3,000 - 6,000

Min 1 year (Junior Executive)


  1. Possess at least SPM/"O" Level, Diploma/Advanced/Higher/Graduate Diploma, Bachelor's Degree/Post Graduate Diploma/Professional Degree in Any Field. Preferably in Marketing, Sales, Business or equivalent.
  2. Minimum of 1 year of working experience in related field.
  3. Ability to communicate well either one-on-one or in a group fashion.  Persuasion skill is added advantage.
  4. Customer service, sales and marketing will definitely add value.
  5. Preferably Junior Executive specialized in Sales - Financial Services (Insurance, Unit Trust, etc) or equivalent. 
  6. Possess own transport


  1. Opportunity to travel abroad for free & 5 star treatment. 
  2. Opportunity for great achievement rewards (latest and up-to-date gadgets, trips, monetary remuneration etc.)
  3. High commission payout (6 years of recurring commission for each policy sealed)
  4. Yearly production bonus (3 years recurring bonus for each year)
  5. Financial scheme for full time consultant with minimum RM 6,000 income through PruVenture program
  6. Business with a bright future career path.
  7. Limitless potential income and increment.
  8. Opportunity to build own business empire with financial and time freedom, which can be made inherited by the next kin.


  1. MG Kajang (Main)/MG Klang/MG KL


Muqmeen Group is a Leading Takaful Agency Force in Malaysia representing Prudential BSN Takaful Berhad and we are the 1st Bumiputera Agency in Prudential to achieve 100 Million sales in year 2020.

Founded by 8 Bumiputera Entrepreneurs with more than 39 years of accumulation experiences in selling, recruiting, training and business development. Muqmeen Group have created so many successful entrepreneurs in insurance/takaful industry since 2008 and until now, we have developed more than 23 branches nationwide with a total of more than 84 Leaders & 2000 Associates.

To be number 1 Agency Force in Malaysia

To Provide Professional Financial Solutions for All Malaysian


We are the leading Takaful Agency force in Malaysia advocating the best Takaful Operator in Asia.

We provide wide range of financial planning services towards client's peace of mind and financial freedom starting from Wealth Creation, Wealth Accumulation, Wealth Protection, Wealth Distribution and Wealth Purification

We also provide human capital development to our business partner by providing free personal coaching, intensive trainings essential & platform to practice for every step of development into professional takaful consultant and future leaders.

With us, your journey to financial and career success will be a glorious adventure involving uncapped earning potential, flexible working hours, exciting rewards and more! We are here to offer you one of the industry’s best guidance and support systems to get you achieve your dream.

Please contact me Faidzal @ 0192690029 for more info or just click the link below :